Scandinavian leather bags and accessories.


This is for the brave ones, for the rebel ones, for those who make their own path. Inspired by those who have repentless style. Rebel Leather goods are handcrafted in Helsinki, Finland with passion for good design, craftsmanship and creative process. Durable, timeless Skandinavian desing with a rebel twist.


Custom leather for custom people.

All Rebel Leather goods are limited editions or made to order, but we also have bespoke and repair service. If you’re looking for something made just for you Rebel Leather workshop will create unique leather piece to your exact specification.

I make things I love. These are the things I make.

I am Pauliina Patomäki, designer and craftswoman behind Rebel Leather. Nature is real luxury and for Rebel Leather it is a source of inspiration and materials. Leather. Metal. Clay. Bone. Wood. Real, sometimes raw materials have the ability to form patina and have a long wearing lifespan. As opposed to mass production, every single product is handmade – by Me to You – From a Rebel to Another.